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The Affiliate Guy with Matt McWilliams: Marketing Tips, Affiliate Management, & More

May 12, 2020

When is the right time to start working with affiliates? Well, for years I’ve been teaching folks to wait longer than they should. And I’m here today to admit that I was wrong. Today, I’ll share the RIGHT time for you to start an affiliate program.

When should you bring on affiliate partners to promote your product? My answer to this question in the past probably not what you think it’d be. Yes, I’m “The Affiliate Guy” and I love affiliates. I’ve run affiliate programs for some of the top companies and entrepreneurs in the world. And I think everyone should have affiliates for their products. There is simply no better way to grow your business. But there is a right time and a wrong time to bring on affiliates…or so I thought.

Today I’m going to share some of the background on this. How I arrived at my line of thinking, what led me to rethink it, and what it means for you.


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